OpenApply Admissions Conference Singapore: Recap

GEMS World Academy (Singapore)
2 Yishun, Street 42, Singapore 768039
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Stacy Wang

Beijing City International School
Admissions Manager
Beijing, China
Stacy is the admissions manager at Beijing City International School (BCIS), China. Having studied and worked in China, South Korea and Finland, Stacy returned to Beijing in the spring of 2010 and worked in the international School of Beijing (ISB)’s Communications Office and Admissions Office, where she stayed for five years. In May 2015, Stacy join BCIS’ Admissions Department as the Admissions Manager. Stacy holds degrees in English Education and International Studies from Hebei Normal University (China) and Seoul National University (South Korea). She is currently pursuing the certificate in Leadership in Enrollment Management from the University of Southern California.
Friday, January 29

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Saturday, January 30

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